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Innovative Credit Consultants
Words cannot describe our sincere appreciate for the great advice and guidance you provided to our customers.

As you are well aware in today’s difficult credit environment, we as one of the largest car leasing companies in the Tri State are feeling the brunt of it, since many of our customers are having difficulty in getting approvals for cars due to the tightening of credit requirements by banks as well as the necessity to have a higher score in order to qualify for a car loan/lease.

While we have in the past attempted to deal with credit repair companies, unfortunately all of them were unable to deliver what was promised and in the end not only was the customer unhappy, but we were unable to sell them a car.

Since we have started doing business with Innovative Credit, not only are our customers thrilled (especially with your login service) we recently reviewed our sales logs and were able to attribute 74 transactions that we would have lost if not for Innovative Credits’ superb assistance.

Thank you again for your help and please continue doing a great job for our customers.
Innovative Credit Consultants
Although I am not in the habit of writing letters of praise for service providers, I am compelled to write this letter regarding the outstanding service and results obtained by your staff. I will admit that I was indeed skeptical of you company’s claims and staff’s ability to affect my credit score in any material, particularly since I had previously attempted myself to erase negative entries on my own credit report. Please understand, without meaning to be boastful, that I believe I am fairly accomplished and resourceful attorney and was under the misguided belief that there was nothing that you could accomplish that I could not do on my own. I will admit that after months of diligent effort, I was unable to get the credit reporting services to remove the negative items from my reports.

I was resigned to just accept the fact that my credit score was not where I thought it should be and that this would cost me thousands of dollars in future financings, whether that be in connection with the purchase of a home, an automobile or a college loan for my children. I was thereafter introduced to your company and its credit repair strategy and consumer-friendly approach. I did not believe it possible that your staff could accomplish what I could not after dozens of man-hours I invested. Since there were no upfront fees and no payments required unless and until a satisfactory result was achieved, I decided to take you up on the challenge and give Innovative Credit Consultants a try. Everything, and I do mean everything, your company represented turned out to be true. The counseling staff was friendly and professional, their documentation was legal and easy to understand, and their results were outstanding and impressive. All negative entries on my credit reports were eliminated in a matter of weeks and my credit score is pristine. The cost of this service was nominal compared to the significant amount of hours I had previously spent trying to accomplish the same goal.

Innovative Credit Consultants accomplished what I could not in the most professional and cost effective manner. I cannot recommend more strongly the services of Innovative Credit Consultants. They are true to their word and their results speak for themselves. I am proud to be an attorney for Innovative Credit Consultants and extraordinarily please to be a client. Keep up the superb work that you do for those in need of credit repair services.
Innovative Credit Consultants
Just a small note to express my major appreciation and gratitude for the terrific job you have been doing for my clients. As a large player in the mortgage market, particularly in the high net worth arena, I often face situations in which clients have compromised credit scores notwithstanding the fact that they are respectable bill paying citizens with significant net worth.

While I have tried different credit repair services, they have always fallen short. I know this is going to sound cheesy after all you’ve done for me and the relationship we now have but I have to admit to you, I was skeptical in the beginning, as I’m sure most people in the mortgage business are of credit repair but boy am I glad I gave this a shot!

I have had the pleasure of recommending you to many clients and in all situations, you have delivered as promised and corrected the delinquencies, problems, judgments, late payments, etc. Not only were my clients thrilled but it also allowed me to significantly increase my business volume since at this juncture I almost never have a declined application since credit has become much less of an issue due to your fabulous service.

You have helped me make a lot of money; I want to return the favor. Please feel free to give my contact info to anyone; it would make me happy to share with anyone how truly wonderful and fruitful working with your organization is!
Innovative Credit Consultants
First Class Leasing is the leading leasing and sales company in the tri-state area, we owe that recognition to our repeat clients. We have repeat clients because we offer a first class customer experience, part of the experience is Innovative Credit Consultants.

We serve a large volume of high net worth individuals and enough of them have varying credit issues that can harm our ability to lease them a high end and or exotic vehicle. Innovative Credit has not only shown a superior level of credit repair than the other companies we have used in the past, their company has proven it shares in our passion of offering an elevated level of customer care. It is these reasons we are so comfortable sending them so many of our clients because we know they will treat them with the same white glove service that we do.